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upset wife

  1. Should I say I'm sorry?

    The Ladies' Lounge
    A little background, I'm a navy vet, now navy dependent. I'm attending school full time so I get a living allowance from the VA every month. I currently am not working, and don't have any children. My husband and I decided I should just focus on school. I know this is long...but I'm...
  2. Wife Left Me And Is Not Willing To Talk

    Physical & Mental Health Issues
    This has been the hardest thing in my life as i would imagine others would know. I am 21 and my wife (same age been married for almost 3 years) left me about a week ago. She claimed that she did not love me and thinks we are total strangers. This past week she had finals and was going to...
  3. Wife upset that I invited my friend over after our golfing trip

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I'm new and would like some input. I recently return from a trip to Hawaii with my friend. We went golfing and snorkeling and hung out in general. It was a low cost trip because my parents still live there (my siblings and I all went to school there). My wife was invited first...