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  1. Financial Problems in Marriage
    My fiance and I had been dating for two years before I got accepted to a grad school across the country. Our plan was always that he would give me a year to transition back into studying full-time, quit his job, relocate to my city, find a job and we'd get married. I remember we were both...
  2. Physical & Mental Health Issues
    My husband has been unemployed for most of the last 3 years. Prior to that he had shown some difficulty holding the jobs he had because of intense anxiety that caused physical symptoms making him miss work. When we met he had a job that lasted for several years, but had just quit college, and...
  3. Financial Problems in Marriage
    Our "Just Maui'ed" dream wedding, now a financial & stressful nightmare for husband! My wife quit her job as a paralegal 7 months prior to us being wed. The support and financial backing behind this decision was primarily provided from her parents, whom agreed that she would "need to take off...
1-3 of 3 Results