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  1. Which physical attrubutes do you find attractive in a woman

    The Men's Clubhouse
    :scratchhead: Hi All, Posting here hoping for a male perspective on this but first a little bit of back story. My husband and I have recently separated and when I asked him why he wasn't willing to try counselling his response is that I am no longer attractive to him, physically, and no...
  2. Do I look like a man? :(

    The Social Spot
    I'm just wondering if I really do or not, because I posted a picture yesterday and some girls commented saying that I looked like a guy and like a manlier brother of another user on that site.... Here's the picture: and here's two more: What do you guys think? I've never been told...
  3. need some advise or answer.

    The Ladies' Lounge
    Hello everyone. fist, I am sorry for my english since I am from other country I may have some grammar/spell error while I write this. -------- little about me - I am 22years old half japanese and half Korean. 5'5 tall, weight 115lbs and married 2years ago with my husband (white) and have a kid...