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  1. Issues dealing with Partners past

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hi Everyone, Hope you are all doing well. I need a little advise if any has any on dealing with a situation, me and my girlfriend got together 7 months ago and have been really happy together, she's told me many times she's not felt like she does with me about anyone else and her friends have...
  2. My relationship is a mess.

    The Men's Clubhouse
    Biographical information- 33 year old, married 2 years to a woman I have been with since we were both 17. My wife has always wanted children. It's just something she has always known about herself. Being a parent is something I have always felt ambivalent about. We put off trying to have...
  3. Have I got married a Right Person? It's a Love Marriage!

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hi, I got married in Nov, 2010 with a person from my work place. Me and my husband worked in the same office, first he proposed me, I denied. After two years of his regular approaches and after seeing his soft behavior, love, compassion, I decided to marry this guy. We both are from different...
  4. Lost that feeling

    General Relationship Discussion
    I have been with my husband for over 14 years married 11, we have 2 beautiful kids together. Our marriage has never been perfect, but about 3 years ago I learned he had a drug problem and did everything I could to get him away from that lifestyle, by packing up and moving several times...
  5. had threesome - he wants more - I don't! HELP!

    Sex in Marriage
    I have been with my partner for nearly 10 years. A few months ago we have had a threesome with another girl who I worked with - I am bisexual and we had talked about it for a while, since we are quite sexual anyway and were curious, we did it. We were both happy to do it a few times again on...
  6. Please a woman's point of view! On the verge of insanity!

    The Ladies' Lounge
    Hi there. I'm 21 years old, in the United States Air Force as a Civil Engineer and I feel like my life since marriage has been a complete disappointment. Let me tell you my story and I'm completely open to ANY advice. I know this is gonna be long but I want to be as thorough as possible to...