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  1. Virtual Affairs, BDSM fantasies, 26 years in

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    My husband and I had a storybook marriage for 6 years. 3 kids and 20 years later, he's on ****** ******* and FetLife, enjoying "beautiful young women" mostly online sexting, pictures back and forth, and one score in real life. Our sex life has been abysmal much to my great sadness (I honestly...
  2. In-laws - Insensitve or Sensible

    The Family & Parenting Forums
    My husband and I have been married 17 years and we have two kids. Until about 2 years ago we had a good marriage. Most of our friends would have described us as one of the best couples they knew. My husband is an only child and his parents (and family, his mother is one of 10 that are all very...
  3. Should spouse call each nite when traveling?

    General Relationship Discussion
    Spouse was out of town this week. I appreciate nightly check in, phone call, text, whatever. I feel way to reconnect. None received last night, and none this morning until I sent text, to which fight ensued. Now back home, no one speaking. Married 10 years, is it too much to ask for a phone...
  4. Business Travel and Hotel Rooms

    Sex in Marriage
    I travel alot for work (or conferences) and I notice my co workers either leave dinner early or not even join some of us for dinner. On a few occasions I knew what room number (sometimes on the same floor) and on my way to get ice or through the hallways late I notice strange people coming or...
  5. Husband took job out of state, does not want me and his children to move there

    General Relationship Discussion
    My husband recently took a job in Ohio.. not the best state but it pays well. This job is a permanent job for him that he plans to stay at for quite a while over 2 years. He wants to get a bunch of certifications through this company ect. He will never have the opportunity to come home, he...
  6. Engagement on the Rocks. Need some advice

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hi all, Sorry for this, my first post being long. I am new here so I guess I will start by telling you a little about my relationship and how I have come to my current position. I am a 28 year old guy who took a few years before going to college so I was several older than most of my friends at...