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  1. General Relationship Discussion
    Me and my husband have been together for a total of 9 years. About 1yr and half ago we moved away and soon after I got pregnant. Getting a job while pregnant and with COVID was not easy but I was able to pay my bills, groceries, and the light bill the whole time. Not once did I ask him for...
  2. The Family & Parenting Forums
    I’ll try and make this short… Last week my dad grabbed my wife by the face and pulled her in for a ‘happy new year kiss’ on the lips despite her trying to pull away. Needless to say she felt extremely uncomfortable. The following day I went to speak to my parents, my mum was understanding but...
  3. General Relationship Discussion
    Comments needed. Hard to give an accurate description because of issues that have been going on for years - so this is longer than I wanted. Quick background: 2nd marriage for both. No children together. “Forgotten” anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Silent treatment while on vacations, over...
1-3 of 3 Results