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  1. Ideas to spice up your marriage

    Long Term Success in Marriage
    I'd like to share a marriage tip that has worked wonders over the years. It is very simple but it has been immensely helpful in maintaining the pleasurable intimacy that typically wanes in a marriage. It's a way to trigger sexual desire in a man whose mind might otherwise be more occupied with...
  2. 10 truths to share with your children while preparing them for adulthood

    The Family & Parenting Forums
    Many people make the mistake of waiting until their children are pre-teens to talk about money. I’m not talking about simple conversations that cover how much change should be returned when money is spent. I’m referring to deeper subjects like the U.S. economy, credit and cost of living. Some...
  3. Quick Question about What You Wished You'd Known Before

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hello Everyone! What is something that you really wish someone would have told you about before you got married? It can be about any part of marriage. Thank you! Tracy
  4. the married couple sex expert that changes my life!

    Sex in Marriage
    After 30 years of marriage, keeping the lust going was nearly impossible for me and my husband. And boy – what didn't we try? Sex tapes, sex toys, sex books, we went to several sex experts that promised us the world – but nothing came out of it. Until last year, a good friend of mine brought up...