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  1. Sex in Marriage
    I am new to this forum. After reading some other posts my situation seems insignificant, and yet for me it is a problem that I wrestle with daily. The problem. My wife and I are on opposite sides of the sexual needs spectrum. As a male I want to be desired and would like more sex with her...
  2. New Member Forum - Introduce Yourself!
    I am recently divorced on 10/17/2017. I am slowly moving on. I am relieved with not having to deal with lawyers, the courts, and the drama. I can now work on healing, growth, and myself. I look forward to that day. Iv'e been through Divorce Care program twice. It does help.
  3. The Men's Clubhouse
    I have a question to all the men. I want to talk with my husband about some stuff. Most likely not this weekend but the next one. Could you give some advice? Like 1) do not complain about him 2) ??? 3) ??? Do you think it is a good idea to get myself dolled-up? Edit: My husband is a...
  4. General Relationship Discussion
    heres a breif run down 1. married 2 yrs. 2.we have a pretty good sex life.4-6 times a week,hardly ever under 1hr haha. i really enjoy it. 3.every aspect in our relationship is doing very well except i feel like he never REALLY talks to me. i feel like im always poking for words when he does...
  5. Sex in Marriage
    So I have been married for about 3 years now, this past year we have hit some really rocky times. So for the past 3 months I have came up with a plan to put our marriage back on track, by having date nights, walks in the park, cute little pizza making nights, etc… Anything that I felt would...
  6. General Relationship Discussion
    Hi, this is my very first post. I am currently separated from my husband and we are heading in the direction of divorce. I think that I should say that I am in my mid-20s and my husband and I got married after only 8 months of dating. We had been friends for 5 years before we starting dating. We...
1-6 of 7 Results