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  1. The most important piece of advice you were given after you found out?

    Life After Divorce
    So when she announced I was lost in the woods for a time. I didn’t know about TAM and didn’t have the faintest clue where to go or what to do. Eventually I limped the thing out through a weird combination of instinct and stubbornness. I’m still trying to figure out if there was one specific...
  2. Celebrating 3 years of steadily improving life! :)

    Life After Divorce
    So here it is...three years ago today, the judge banged a gavel and ended my marriage. It was not my choice. Oddly enough the sun came up the next day just like it always did.:) Funny that. Little by little my life began to improve. I got the things that I wanted and worked on myself to be a...
  3. Viktor Frankl's struggle for survival: Meaning

    Relationships and Spirituality
    SEARCH FOR MEANING Part 1: When Man's Search for Meaning was first published in 1959, it was hailed by Carl Rogers(1902-1987), a founder of humanistic psychology, as "one of the outstanding contributions to psychological thought in the last fifty years." Now, more than fifty years and 5...