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  1. General Relationship Discussion
    My husband and I have been dating for 13 years, every since high school. It will be a year of marriage in December. I’ve been trying my hardest not to make every situation about money, but I do deserve some type of security. My husband was not raised in a household that talked about savings, the...
  2. General Relationship Discussion
    basicly we have been together for 20 years been thru hell and back first couple years we meet when both of us were sepearated and were both going thru divorce and went thru two child custody battles...long story short all kids grown and our son together in now a senior and drives. Do to no one...
  3. Sex in Marriage
    My husband and I have been married for 3 years but have been together since we were 13. We've grown up together and and shared every experience of adolescent and adult life together. Within the last year, it has come to my attention that my husband has a 'hotwife' interest. He told me it...
  4. General Relationship Discussion
    Hello Everyone! What is something that you really wish someone would have told you about before you got married? It can be about any part of marriage. Thank you! Tracy
  5. Sex in Marriage
    Hi to all I am married for 8 years. In the beginning my husband used to ask me to do blow job for him, which I refuse most of the time. Lately He is asking everyday and he did oral sex to me and always excited to do it, But my answer is same, No . Because I find very stressed or demeaning to...
1-5 of 5 Results