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strip club

  1. Strip Club, Lies, Lost Trust - need advice and perspectie

    General Relationship Discussion
    The story that’s eating up my mental downtime. I’ll start with the nutshell version in first paragraph in case you don't want to read the entirely of details below, I appreciate any input! I am 45, husband is 2 years younger. We are on second marriages after being divorced about 7 and 10 years...
  2. Suspicious activity

    General Relationship Discussion
    Husband and I have had issues in the past concerning his bachelor party. basically he promised not to go to strip club but ended up going and getting a lap dance. that was nearly three years ago. Since then he promised not to go to any more strip clubs. Couple of months ago he went to a bachelor...
  3. Husband is a sociopathic liar

    General Relationship Discussion
    I met and married my husband from India almost 3 years ago and we have a newborn daughter together. When we first got married, we got a lot of money from my mom as a wedding gift. Without telling me, he took the money and bought the house he was renting and put only his mom's name and his name...
  4. Bachelor Party

    General Relationship Discussion
    My boyfriend is going to be a groomsman for his cousin's wedding and was recently invited to the bachelor party. Neither of us imagined it being something involving strippers until the groom made a reference to my boyfriend about the strippers that will be in the limo. This made me uncomfortable...