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  1. General Relationship Discussion
    I've been married to my wife for almost a year. A few months ago my 13 year old son moved in with us because his biological mom didn't want to deal with him (which I do not understand). My son is a good kid but a typical 13 year old with a bit of a smart mouth and little common sense (just like...
  2. General Relationship Discussion
    Why does he think I don't trust him? Because I was listening at the door when he was on the phone. I get that. Why was I listening at the door? Because I always wanna know what he's talking about and hounding him with "Who was that???What were you talking about???" every time he gets off the...
  3. The Family & Parenting Forums
    I am white/hispanic and my husband is black. We have 3 children ages 12 weeks, 4 years and ten years.The oldest is mine for a previous relationship. Everytime my husband gets angry he yells racial slurs and other demeaning words at me in front of my children. ( white *****, ****, Cracker ass...
1-3 of 3 Results