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  1. Am I wasting my time

    General Relationship Discussion
    We've been married just under a year. I am aware that I can be insecure and needy. I want the relationship to work. I think she does too. But I am not sure she wants more than a roommate and provider. We fight using hurtful words a bunch but seem to come back to a good place within 24 hours...
  2. New Username, Same Old Thread (Wife Cheated)

    Coping with Infidelity
    I have been lurking for a couple months (since I discovered my wife's EA+PA affair), and figured it was time I shared my story. I'll try and keep it short. Married for 6, together for 11, toddler son. We had been in a rut, typical "focus on the child, while ignoring the marriage" stuff, with...
  3. new, looking for some advice

    General Relationship Discussion
    Last Sunday (a week ago) my husband came home and said he was unhappy in our marriage. Background: We have been together for almost 8 years. We just got married in June. Things have been good-or so I thought. He was moody since September, and claimed it was just work stress when I asked him...
  4. Together yet Seperate

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    Need input...should I stay in the same house or file for divorce? Been married 24 years...dated 4 years prior to wedding...marriage counseling twice, 4 kids...22,17,15,14. These are the stats. My husband is not a bad person...I am not a bad person...we don't have addiction issues, infidelity...
  5. Don't know what to do anymore!

    General Relationship Discussion
    I will try to make things short and simple. Basically I'm trying to figure out if I'm fighting a losing battle. I love my husband very much but he doesn't always make me feel like he loves me as much anymore. We have three children and the youngest is 12 months. I haven't lost all my baby weight...
  6. Therapy or give up?

    General Relationship Discussion
    Basically, I am trying to decide if my husband is simply the wrong person for me and if I should leave or if therapy will help. I am in my late twenties and we don't have any children. I need to know if there is hope or if I should just give up. Also, I am trying to figure out if I have too...