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  1. Spending issues

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    2nd marriage. Husband is 52, I'm 50. My husband is getting better at communication but we have issues including what is leading me to post after a hiatus. Issues: Husband is self-employed. This is a second marriage. We moved into his house. I sold mine, rolled my equity into this house and...
  2. Wife putting us through 20yrs of wreckless spending

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    I have been at my wits end for almost 20 years...My wife immigrated to the US from Russia. She is a warm, kind, generous, loving woman....but she cannot control her spending impulses at all. She can't save a dime. Literally, she spends $ as soon as she has access to $. I am so deep into debt...
  3. I'm the secret spender who's been lying

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    So I read quite a few threads about the person in the opposite position of me. The one who has been doing the spending and lying and keeping secrets. My story is not quite as severe as the other threads, but I dont think that the amount lied about makes any difference. It's all the same. A lie...
  4. I make the $$$, should i have to ask to spend $

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    I bring home the bread. My paychecks more than cover the bills. I also make some cash on the side, tips, kickbacks, etc. Should I need her permission to make purchases, say, under $100, for stuff like new scooters for the kids, or a new bike part for my bmx bike which is my sports/ activity...