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  1. Mother in law crossing boundaries

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hello everyone, I have been having difficulty with my mother in law since the time we got married about 2 years ago, and I would appreciate any advice on how to deal with this. My mother in law, buys us tons of foods (veggies, fruits, random household items) on sale and gives to my hubby when...
  2. Need Advice From A Man

    The Men's Clubhouse
    Second marriage. Blow up on Wednesday night. Longstanding issue involving finances and lack of communication like most married couples have on purchases. He and his son started a remodel project in a basement bathroom where he is letting his son live until he finds a job. I own the house...
  3. Wife after 5 years needs space

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    Ok basically me and my wife i have been together for 5 years till this point.When we first started talking she was 15 and i was 18years old and now i am 23 and she is 20. Ok everything was going good the first 3 yrs , then when we moved in it seemed like no stop fussing and fighting about her...
  4. Need help with best friend (girl)

    General Relationship Discussion
    Im 15 and I just moved into a small private school with about 100 kids this year. I met this girl about 4 months ago and we were great friends. We would talk and laugh all the time, go out for ice cream etc. But after about 2 months she would start talking to me less, and seemed almost annoyed...
  5. Things have gone wrong.

    General Relationship Discussion
    I am a married man in need of experiences people here have had similar and can share with me about my situation. I've been married for 5+ years now and my wife recently asked me to leave the home to give her space. I agreed to it after a talk together and moved back into my parents home. The...
  6. Wife suddenly does not love me...possible separation, I am in shock!

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    Hello all, Last Tuesday my wife admitted that she has had feelings that she wants to 'run away' from our family (we have a 7yo boy and 3 dogs). Then by Thursday she told me she needs me to give her some space. I have told her I am still madly in love with her and that I would fight for her and...
  7. My wife has asked for time to think

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    About two and a half weeks ago my wife decided that she needs time for herself and moved some of her things into her vacant parents house. We have been married 6 years and the anniversary is less than two weeks away. About a year and a half ago we both lost our jobs at basically the same time...