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  1. No sexual desire for my partner---why?

    Sex in Marriage
    Hello, I am 33 years old and she is 29 years old. I think she is the greatest person I have ever met and has all the qualities that I would want in a relationship... Except for that vibe that make women sexy. She is shy and awkward and because of that she is not sexy at all even if her...
  2. Sibling Sexual Relationship, PLEASE HELP!

    Physical & Mental Health Issues
    I created this account for this issue, I have no one to turn to because well, it's his deepest darkest secret. Basically four years into courtship my husband told me that as a child he had "relations" with his sister. At first I didn't take him seriously because he has previously mentioned it...
  3. Intimacy Problems - Wife Was Abused as Child

    General Relationship Discussion
    I could use some help here. I feel there's a lot somebody should know before responding so I'll try to be concise. My wife was abused sexually as a child by her stepfather, from as early as she can remember until about age 16, when she finally spoke up and he went to jail for it. We met...
  4. wife has lost physical attraction of me but not others

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hello, I am 36 today and my wife of 9yrs (+8yrs) admits to losing her attraction / desire for me, however can get the emotional arousal from other men. Not to sound conceded, but by no definition am I unattractive. She feels a sensation from new attention (men) that she no longer gets from...