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sexual abuse

  1. Dealing with husband's PTSD - HELP

    Physical & Mental Health Issues
  2. I love my husband but can't have sex with him

    Sex in Marriage
    As of this month I have been experiencing strong sexual aversions towards my hubby let me give some back story We have been married 4 years. Which have been rocky. I was sexually abused as a child from age 9-15 approx. As soon as I left home, I got married to my current husband. Out sex life...
  3. Trauma in past...hang ups about sex

    Sex in Marriage
    Hello All, I have been reading and following these threads for awhile. I am divorced from my first husband for some time and my second husband and I have been together over two years now, and for the most part...things are very good. He is younger than me BTW and our levels match pretty well...
  4. Her affair: if her parents divorced & she was abused...

    Coping with Infidelity
    Does anyone have any statistics on the likelihood a wife will have an affair if: 1) Her parents divorced 2) She was sexually abused as a child Mine's a lost cause, but I'm just looking for some data/stories so I can identify patterns and better understand what happened.
  5. Atom Bomb was dropped on my life

    General Relationship Discussion
    First let me start by saying that I am 29 and my husband is 35. I am an educated person in the medical field and currently am in academia at a local college. Just spend the last 6 months going through an adoption process to adopt children from foster care. My husband is a rancher/farmer have...
  6. Weary of it all...this is long.

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    I've been married almost 20 years...less that a month to go to my anniversary. The last 12 years have totally sucked...truly awful. Our first years were pretty happy. Hubby started to become very jealous, but I always figured he'd settle down in time, he'd come to know I'm a loyal gal. And...