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  1. Sex Nazi; No O for you!

    Sex in Marriage
    Hi All, I'm new here. Glad I found this active forum. It's the most action I've seen in years, haha! Seriously though, I'm broken hearted and mad as hell. I'm 56 and have been married 27 years. We had problems from the beginning. It wasn't an ideal situation for either of us, both married...
  2. What is going on? Advice needed!!

    Relationships and Addiction
    Ok, everyone. I am going to try and make this as simple as possible, while adding as many details as I can. I found this website today, I wish I had done so years ago. I hope it helps someone else see the light. Here’s my story. I am 27 years old. I married at the age of 22, less than a year...
  3. Hi, New here. Possibley dealing with a Sex Addict husband?

    Relationships and Addiction
    I have been with my husband for 3 1/2 years. Married to him for 10 months. Sex life was always constant but not wow. (just thought I was a little freakier than him) My husband always looked at porn, which i knew about and didn't have a problem with. In May of this year I decided to go on our...
  4. Sex Addict or Serial Cheater?

    Relationships and Addiction
    Hi everyone, I have recently found out my husband has been engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviour with other women since before we met but continuing all through our relationship, we have been together 12 years and married for nearly 7 (I am his 2nd wife). I caught him online chatting via...