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  1. Are you allergic to your spouse?

    Long Term Success in Marriage
    Do you ever wonder what causes your blink-of-the-eye, intense reactions to your spouse or partner? Jokes aside about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Do your ever witness yourself or your partner go from zero to bat-zip angry over something that, much later, doesn’t really matter? It’s painful. And...
  2. Review of Crossing the Bridge & Miracle of Connection by Hedy Schleifer, MA, LMHC

    Self Help – Resource Archives
    I'm happy to feature a therapist who has a few self-help programs, and is also active in private counseling and holding marriage seminars. Don't let the older style of the website fool you - Hedy Schleifer may very well be one of the most experienced couples therapists in the world. When you get...
  3. Reviews of Dr. Ellen's "Light Your Fire" (His Fire / Her Fire) Programs

    Self Help – Resource Archives
    This thread is for reviews of Dr. Ellen Kreidman's Light Your Fire Programs. While I've had the opportunity to review both of these programs, this thread is posted in hopes that others will write their experience as well. Ellen sent me both programs, and I've had a chance to listen to them and...