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  1. Financial Problems in Marriage
    Looking for some unbiased opinions here, please please help!! Husband and I have been living together for about six years, married for almost two of those. I’ve been the primary earner for the last five years, sometimes working two jobs to fill income gaps and cover our expenses, as well as...
  2. Life After Divorce
    Just thought I would start a thread dedicated to ideas that can help us stretch our dollars further after coming from a much larger income base. These have been some of my adaptations... 1. Invest in a vacuum sealer for when meats are on sale. I havent paid more than 1.99 on boneless, skinless...
  3. Financial Problems in Marriage
    Arguments about money can be a major cause of all kids of stress in relationships. I have an idea that might help eliminate money issues in a marriage. Some say that to be on the same page in a marriage, you need to combine finances. This means that both parties have access to the bank accounts...
1-3 of 4 Results