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  1. New member

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    Happily married. We've got a good family life balance. We have our problems, but I don't think we do to badly raising the kids. Im on here looking for help improving the romantic side of things. The romantic side isn't really bad, but there's always room for improvement and Im running out of...
  2. First thread, please help me out

    The Men's Clubhouse
    This has turned into a long post. Here's a nutshell version: I do everything that I can to take care of my wife and make things as easy as possible for her, but my sex drive is at 2% and falling. She is actually in bed right now crying because the sex isn't going well (we do have an...
  3. What's the deal with hating sweatpants?

    General Relationship Discussion
  4. Romance and intimacy

    General Relationship Discussion
    My problem: my husband is not romantic. He does not and has never planned anything special for us, he doesn't buy flowers and no matter how much I talk to him about needing romance and intimacy he does not change, nor try. Dilemma 1: am I expecting to much? Is romance real? Do people really...
  5. How did you know when it was over?

    General Relationship Discussion
    My husband and I have been together for over nine years and married for almost five. Everything was great for about a year, but looking back I feel like we rushed into moving in together (about nine months into dating), got engaged, and then bought a home about two years after that. When he...
  6. Trying to hang in there...

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hi. I'm new to this forum so I hope I'm posting to the right place. I've been married for 8 years. We have 3 kids together. He's actually a great person. Works hard, no abuse, drinking, affairs etc. The only problem is there's just no romance in this relationship period. The only things we...
  7. Are we growing apart? Is she too busy?

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hello, I've never been on a website like this before, but I feel I need some real-life help. We've been together 5 years, married 3 and live together - We've had our ups and downs like any relationship - but recently it's happening more and more frequently. It's hard to put into words how I...
  8. Mood Music

    The Social Spot
    Wasn't sure if this should go in "Social Spot" or in "Sex Marriage"... I've read recent threads & posts about igniting sparks, creating romance, bonding, unihibited vs. controlled scenarios, etc. and it got me to thinking... I miss the early exciting stages of a relationship where the...
  9. Not sure what to do. Please advise.

    General Relationship Discussion
    I am into the 2nd year of my 2nd marriage. It has been challenging since the word go. After moving to be near my kids to a place neither one of us like, she had to change careers, deal with someone else's kids for the first time and a venomous ex wife, it's been challenging. I tried to tell...
  10. Romance? =/ Frustrated.

    General Relationship Discussion
    Every woman wants romance right? To feel like she is desired and loved. I don't think its just the mans job either. Its suppose to go both ways but what happens when only the woman is trying?
  11. How To Bring Flirting Back Into Your Relationship

    There is no such thing as being way past the flirting phase in your relationship. No matter what age or stage, you and your partner need to flirt, tease and have fun in order to keep the flame burning in your relationship. Flirting is not only fun but is also a crucial precursor to intimacy...
  12. the heat is off... ladies, input please?

    Sex in Marriage
    I am madly in love with a wonderful, beautiful woman. We have been together for three years, married for one. I am wildly romantic -- surprise picnics, good morning notes, playful and amorous. For the first 1 1/2 of our relationship, my wife reciprocated. In fact, often, she initiated -- both...