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  1. Left wife temporarily for job

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hello there, my first post here. The situation: married for two years, full-time job (salaried engineer), part-time grad school (online). My wife and I lived upstate NY until this past January when I left for a very enticing job offer in Phoeniz, AZ. My wife was against it but did not protest...
  2. Relocation: from misery to Missouri

    General Relationship Discussion
    We've been struggling financially for the last several years with no signs of relief. My career is stalled and wife's just about maxed out at her current employer. Our house is too expensive for us, we’re indentured servants to our kids’ private school, and she has a two shoe a day habit...
  3. Major problems, I don't even know what to do anymore

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    I've been browsing this forum for awhile as a guest looking for answers, and finally joined this helpful community. I'm at my wits end right now over the financial issues my husband and I are having. A little background, I met and fell in love with my husband at the age of 21. He was 43 and had...
  4. interacial relationship at the crossing

    General Relationship Discussion
    My man and I met in China 1.5 years ago. We developed a loving and intimate relationship. I have very intense feelings and affections for this man, whom i'd use all of the best words in all languages to describe. Besides the affection, we are compatible in many ways - the relationship has been...
  5. In a strange country, 1st year of marriage

    General Relationship Discussion
    I am not really sure where to begin. I've been married a year but have only been living with my husband for about 5 months consistently. I came to Switzerland from the US after our marriage and a 6 month wait for a visa. My husband is also from the US but moved to Switzerland for work. I was...