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  1. New Member Forum - Introduce Yourself!
    Hi, I'm a writer, a Marriage and Relationship counselor, building a happy Relationship that leads to Marriage is my happiness. Thanks to have you here.:x
  2. Reconciliation
    Hi all. New here. My wife and I have been separated since August. She asked me to leave after I had an affair. The affair was really my (really, really stupid) way of ending a marriage I thought I wanted to leave. Turns out I had no idea what I was doing. Fast forward 5 months to today. I...
  3. Considering Divorce or Separation
    Hello I don't know hot to put this, but it brought sadness to me. My wife just gave me this news and I did not want to accept it, but now I must accept it and face it. My wife confessed me that she actually likes Justin Biever and his music! I just don't know what to do. I am thinking about...
  4. General Relationship Discussion
    Whether it is a man or woman, human beings get bored doing or eating the same thing every day. When you started dating with your husband, you cannot wait to meet him up or do something with him together. As time goes on, both of you will lose the spontaneity to put in more effort to shower...
1-4 of 12 Results