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  1. General Relationship Discussion
    Amazing that this couple is still together. Couple celebrates 57 years married despite multiple murder attempts
  2. The Ladies' Lounge
    less than a year after we were married my husband went to prison, I knew of his history when we met and got together, I believed he was done with that part of his life, him going to prison was a complete surprise and threw me for a loop, he was gone for 4 years, over that time I went through...
  3. General Relationship Discussion
    My fiance and i started dating in july of 2008. Everything moved real fast and i was living with him by sept of 2008 and engaged by jan of 2009. Well at the end of feb 2009 he went to prison on a probation violation. At first I thought that it was going to be a couple of months but he ended up...
1-3 of 3 Results