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  1. Wife smokes Pot... Now

    General Relationship Discussion
    I'll Start with a little background... We're a late-mid 20's couple been married 5 years. Known each other since high school. She smoked pot before we were together but only occasionally (once or twice a year some years not at all) ever since. I was the same way, before we were together I smoked...
  2. My husband and pot..

    Relationships and Addiction
    Hi! I decided to share my story on here since I feel really lost, sad and frustrated so I'd like to get some advice on this.. ok so I am 23yo I met my husband online over 5 years ago, our relationship is hard since Im from france and he's from Canada but this September everything got perfect, I...
  3. marijuana and sex

    Sex in Marriage
    I have been married to my husband for 3 years dated for two before marriage. When we both met we both smoked pot on a regular basis. He has smoked pot all of his adult life he is 30 and me some in college and on occasion since then I am 38. Recently, I have been drifting away from smoking...
  4. He is hidding me he smokes pot

    Relationships and Addiction
    I love my husband, we have two kids and a good relationship, we have been married for 10 years. When I meet him I knew he liked smoke pot occasionally with friends, but I asked him to stop doing it since that would be a problem in our marriage. He is a successful guy and I support him a lot, I...
  5. Pot, prescription pills & anger. HELP!

    Relationships and Addiction
    I don't know where to start. I know many will say I knew what I was getting my self into so it's my fault. Maybe that's true...I don't know. I met my husband 7 years ago. I was on meth. He had just gotten out of 3 year of prison. He was a heroin addict, coke, & pot. We dated for just a tiny bit...