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  1. LEARNING ABOUT SEX: From The Experts

    Sex in Marriage
    Getting help from experts… Part 1: In those 33 years leading to the birth of my son in 1977 human sexuality was studied extensively. This prose-poem is a brief survey and summary of the three major studies, and their place in my life both before and after 1977. In that year I was teaching...
  2. ROBERT LOWELL …… and our imperishability

    Physical & Mental Health Issues
    Part 1: I have taken a special interest in the American poet Robert Lowell because he suffered from the same illness as I do: bipolar I disorder. It was in the late 1950s that Robert Lowell(1917-1977) threw back an autobiographical curtain to make explicit the horrors of his emotional BPD life...
  3. THE WAY WE WERE: A New Life-Trajectory in ‘73

    Going Through Divorce or Separation
    The month I separated from my first wife, the film The Way We Were was released. It was October 1973 and I was living in Australia. That marriage had begun six years before in Canada. I did not see the film until several years later. I don’t remember when but this afternoon, in another October...
  4. The Diaries of Anne Lister: And Mine

    The Family & Parenting Forums
    I was not sure in just what sub-section to post this piece I wrote recently about Anne Lister. I'll place it here and, if moderators want to move it, that's fine with me.-Ron:scratchhead: ---------------------------------------------------- SECRET DIARIES MORE INTERESTING THAN MINE The Secret...
  5. Imagination, creation & psychic integration

    Physical & Mental Health Issues
    “Man may be, in a figurative sense, in prison, but he has also been given a large bunch of keys and several files. The fundamental and undeniable fact about the imagination is that its purpose is to intensify the life in man.” So wrote the prolific English writer Colin Wilson(1931-).(1) His...
  6. SORTING OUT: Bertrand Russell and I

    Long Term Success in Marriage
    "With my first marriage," wrote Bertrand Russell in his autobiography, "I entered upon a period of great happiness and fruitful work. Having no emotional troubles, all my energies went in intellectual directions."(1) Marriage also brought, for Russell, a contentment and a taking pleasure in what...
  7. Elizabeth taylor her early years and mine)

    The Ladies' Lounge
    Perhaps you should have been in Gone With the Wind in ’39 when you were only seven. But, it was said you had a strange sort of beauty back then when I was born in ’44….& when I was conceived in October ’43 you were in that Lassie Come Home.1 Yes, 1944 was a big year for you and a big year...