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  1. How To Rekindle Passion?

    General Relationship Discussion
    My Guy and I have been together for over 3 years now and we share an amazing relationship except the passion and intensity seems to have dwinded :( . I try to rekindle the passion but find myself frustrated :mad: in the end. I love him too much, and I really want to find the passion ive seem to...
  2. Passionate Marriage book

    Sex in Marriage
    Am I the only one on this forum who is reading or has read this book? Would love to hear comments from people who have read it and tried it out. Thanks!
  3. "Foreplay feels forced"

    Sex in Marriage
    If foreplay is so important to women, then what do you do when your low desire spouse has said from almost day one of your relationship that they don't "get" foreplay? Anyone had success in turning this around? I know my wife doesn't want to hurt or reject me, but she just has never felt much...
  4. Aftermath of rape and swinging versus normal marital problems in bed

    Sex in Marriage
    Hello Talk About Marriage. So I've got what I think is a pretty interesting story that talks about how we got to where we are at and that is in trouble in the bedroom. The Mrs and I met 9 years ago and fell in love very quickly. I think we both needed someone and were kind souls looking for...