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  1. Long Term Success in Marriage
    In terms of getting upset and angry about things my husband and I greatly vary. I am more passive and wait until I feel calm before I make a decision on what to do or what to say if a person was the cause. My husband has the tendency to easily get angry and when he does it is a predictable...
  2. General Relationship Discussion
    Let me first start out by saying I have a wonderful and loving husband. He is very thoughtful, caring, and attentive. At the same time he has a very stressful job and probably takes on too much. This causes him to be stressful at home and everyone knows it's easiest to take your stresses of your...
  3. General Relationship Discussion
    I have been with a wonderful man for a year now. He is wonderful however, he is very sensitive and gets mad over the littlest things. In my opinion he throws a tantrum. for example: tonight we were playing around in bed, like we normally do and I pinched him to hard on accident. he flopped over...
1-3 of 3 Results