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  1. Getting over decade-old grief

    Sex in Marriage
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  2. Wife no longer wants Oral šŸ˜•

    Sex in Marriage
    I really enjoy going down on her. It is very personal and we connect. She cums every time. She used to love it, but has only allowed it once since having our second kiddo 2 years ago. I express to her that I want to pleasure her that way and that I love the taste/smell and the whole...
  3. I want a BJ = me being selfish

    Sex in Marriage
    You guys know the story because it's written all over these forums. Prior to getting married, GF gave BJs. First few years of marriage, wife gave BJs. Now the word BJ in my house means that I am just being selfish. I've been married for ten years and have three kids. My wife does not work...
  4. I Want to Give Her Head; She Doesn't (Didn't) Like It; but...

    Sex in Marriage
    I've been married over 12 years. We have a loving and intimate relationship and our sex life is good. One thing, though, is that I like to give her orally but she's not comfortable with it. She's comfortable with giving me oral, and she says she likes it and she likes it when I come. But she...
  5. Gagging during oral

    Sex in Marriage
    Hi everyone. So I love to give my husband oral so we thought we would try this gagging out... So I laid on the bed with my head tilted off the edge and he done his thing.... Once I relaxed he could go on for a while... I got mixed feelings on whether I enjoyed it or not.... He LOVED it... From...
  6. Porn is different now. Potential Problem

    General Relationship Discussion
    my wife and i have a fulfilling and erotic sex life. On occasion...about once a month...she asks me to orally stimulate her while she views porn. This is incredibly hot! i'd bet any man would kill to be me and I am veeeeery grateful for her. I occasionally masturbate to porn alone, but I'm a...
  7. Physical Intimacy

    The Ladies' Lounge
    I hope this doesn't violate some rules of the board. I am a real person, not a company. I wrote an eBooklet entitled HEAD ON! For Married Women Only...How to Give it Like a Single Girl and Keep Your Husband Happy. Although I wrote it and am attempting to sell it so I can pay off an IRS...
  8. How to tell him to be clean?

    Sex in Marriage
    Ok, I know this sounds crazy, BUT I am going to be honest, because I have no one else to ask, because this is embarrassing for me: Every time we are about to make love, and he takes off his clothes, there is a distinctive smell that really turns me down coming from the genital area (P)...
  9. Foreplay cunnilingus - to O or not to O?

    Sex in Marriage
    Hi everyone, I posted on these forums before, when I found out my wife was having an affair and I was devastated. I seem to be over it now, had a few one night stands, and I've actually been going steady with this girl for about three weeks now. We get along really well and the sex is good too...