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oral sex

  1. Different Forms of Sex

    Sex in Marriage
    Sometimes, my wife and I are horny but too tired to perform. Or one of us is horny, bu the other just isn't in the mood. In these cases, we will either engage in oral sex or just plain masturbate each other. For her, we lie nude on the bed with her back against my chest while I finger her...
  2. How to get her interested in giving oral

    Sex in Marriage
    My wife is not much into giving oral. I give it to her although it's not her favorite to receive. She has tried it twice on me but is very timid about it and doesn't want to keep it up for long. She has such a light touch I can barely feel anything. My sex therapist recommended a book for women...
  3. Is anything wrong with oral sex?

    Sex in Marriage
    Am married but my libido is high,I told my wife about oral sex,let me lick her but she said no that if she consent she would be forced to do same to me that she doesn't like it,bit I like it even if she doesn't reciprocate back. Then is any thing wrong with oral sex?
  4. *New Here* Sexless Marriage Warning Signs?

    Sex in Marriage
    Hello, I have been a long time lurker and I have questions for those sexless marriages: 1. Looking back, do you think you ignored warning signs? 2. Was your parter at one point excited about sex? I ask these questions because I am NOT married but my (ex) boyfriend was very indifferent about...
  5. wife only give me oral sex nothing else... nothing

    Sex in Marriage
    (this is the first time I've ever asked advice on a site like this, but we'll see what happens) (I promise I'm being honest about it all cause there's no point in lying when you're anonymous on a forum looking for advice) Ok, at first I know what you're thinking... every guys dream right? (look...
  6. Is there hope for us?

    Sex in Marriage
    I'm in a lesbian relationship and have problem with my wife. She is grossed out at giving oral sex, although is perfectly content to receive to. She said it wasn't me, it was that way with all women, and she has a strong sense of smell and can't do it. Other than this, our sex life is...
  7. Wife WILL NOT perform oral sex on me, has PHOBIA

    Sex in Marriage
    Hi, First post here. My wife WILL NOT perform oral sex on me. In three years of marriage she has given me head *maybe* three times all of them she just opens her mouth in bed and wants me to stick it in her mouth she does't even suck its all teeth and last less than a minute and I give up...
  8. Wife has phobia about giving oral sex. Have any guys had success in overcoming this?

    Sex in Marriage
    Hi, First post here. My wife WILL NOT perform oral sex on me. In sixteen years of marriage she has given me head *maybe* three times. I’ve asked her about it several times and she always tells me its "unladylike" and "icky" and "gross" and, oh yeah, there must be millions of "germs" on my...
  9. Would you consider paying a (female) prostitute to satisfy you?

    Sex in Marriage
    My husband and I have been married for a year and a half. Our sex life was never amazing because he is not very experienced, and he is very lazy too. His foreplay is limited to a few kisses, a little licking of my ***** just to make me wet, penetration (usually missionary style) that doesn't...
  10. Husband, oral sex and masturbation

    The Men's Clubhouse
    Hi, I need help from all the men out there to help me understand my husband. When we were dating we had a awesome sexual life, he would perform oral sex on me almost everyday, we had sex everyday, usually about 3 to 4 times a day and the in the beginning of our marriage we kept things like...
  11. How important is recieving Oral Sex from your Husband or Boyfriend??

    Sex in Marriage
    (Quick background: I have been married to my wife almost 8 years and dated 4 years prior. We have one daughter that is 4.) I really enjoy giving oral to my wife. Actually I have always enjoyed performing oral sex, also to the women I was in significant relationships with prior to meeting...
  12. My husband will go down on other woman but not on me

    Sex in Marriage
    My husband and I have had a great relationship up until about 2 months ago. He is caring, helps with the children, cooks dinners, provides well for his family etc, etc. We are a young couple and decided to have a 3-some with an acquaintance which went well with no issues, we actually where...
  13. How long do you spend on oral sex?

    Sex in Marriage
    I was wondering how long you have oral sex with your spouse. I spend quite a bit of time performing cunnilingus on my wife, a minimum of 15 minutes each time. I once spent 40+ minutes. As for fellatio, I cum quickly, so my wife usually only spends 5 minutes tops doing it. So, how does everyone...
  14. Oral Sex

    Sex in Marriage
    Another concern of mine is when me and my fiance had an active sex life he loved to perform oral sex on me. It was awesome and he did it every time we had sex! However he didn't let me perform it on him he states it does nothing for him, I would do it to him during a position change and he...
  15. What's wrong with me??

    Sex in Marriage
    My husband won't do hand jobs or give me oral period. I'm a slender, athletic woman who shaves her nether regions and is very clean. I give him a bj daily, watch porn with him, and engage in other various sexual acts that he prefers yet he won't reciprocate on oral sex. I've asked him several...
  16. Foreplay cunnilingus - to O or not to O?

    Sex in Marriage
    Hi everyone, I posted on these forums before, when I found out my wife was having an affair and I was devastated. I seem to be over it now, had a few one night stands, and I've actually been going steady with this girl for about three weeks now. We get along really well and the sex is good too...