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  1. Just curious or obsession about first love?

    General Relationship Discussion
    Just curious - if you have had this experience - how do you react: Husband has just rediscovered his first love from high school. I discovered this while using his computer - with his permission. While he has not made contact (that I know of) since he located her profile on FB, but he returns...
  2. Husband's Obsession with his Family

    General Relationship Discussion
    We got married nine months ago. Now I am pregnant, approaching my sixth week. Before marriage, my husband used to live in a home with his parents, his brother, his divorced sister and her son. He used to provide for them, and still does. He pays the entire rent for that home, because his parents...
  3. I'm obsessed with having mfm threesome

    The Men's Clubhouse
    I've been married for over a year now, to my wife who I've been with nearly 3 years. Early on when we started going out together, I brought up the fantasy I had of watching her being with another guy, and sharing her with other men. She wasn't put off completely by it, and for about a year or...
  4. Hey OCD people..need some advice for a limerance.

    Physical & Mental Health Issues
    So, I have a limerance. Which is basically a debilitating obsession with an ex boyfriend, who doesn't want me back. Limerence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia They think it has to do with OCD. I have never had OCD, but I do have anxiety disorder, depression, and anxious attachment pattern...
  5. First love - is it only me??

    The Ladies' Lounge
    OK, so, I wanna get your opinion my dear ladies. First year of college I was in love with this guy, and he was in love with me, but for some rediculous reason, we were all platonic. Difficult to explain. Then I left the country and we lost touch. In few years we started to talk again, however I...
  6. Communication issues

    General Relationship Discussion
    My wife is obsessed with a rock band. Whenever they are in our area she goes. She stalks their bus afterward and has hung out with them at a bar. I know she is very attracted to one of the members of the band, and it really stings when I see her constantly twittering him. I don't know if he...