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money problems

  1. My husband said he's taking our 3 year old son on holiday without me and we have no $

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hi there everyone, I'm new to this site and I'm hoping for some replies/advice/support... I've tried finding help online but couldn't find anyone who has gone through, or, who is going through, the same thing. Here's my situation: My husband and I have been discussing taking a holiday...
  2. My money, His money, trust issue = problem

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    My husband and I have always had separate bank accounts and we never really discussed any future investments etc. that we could start saving up in the future. Money is a big problem in our marriage. I don't trust him with money as he is just not wise with it. He doesn't seem to spend much...
  3. Husband controls with money

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    We have a traditional marriage. 27 years, five kids. He worked out, I worked as a SAHM. I also did many side jobs for extra money, including developing a home based small business with wholesale accounts and a website. He always spent more on himself and his department. If the kids or I...
  4. will he every stop lying?

    Relationships and Addiction
    This is going to be long so be ready. My husband and I have been married for a few months now and right after the wedding moved across the country for his job. Things just all came crashing down on me over the past week. I have no one to talk to because I don't want either of us to be judged...
  5. Am I being unreasonable?

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    When my husband and I met almost four years ago, he was working at a good-paying job. In November of last year, he was laid off but received a severance package. He was on unemployment until early June of this year when he found a job through a temp company (temp-hire). When he was...