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  1. New Member & Couples Financial Counselor

    New Member Forum - Introduce Yourself!
    Hey, all! I've been checking out this message board for a while now. I'm glad to have finally officially joined. My name is Adam. I'm a Couples Financial Counselor, which mean I help couples experiencing money-related stress to get on the same page & make peace with their finances. I'm excited...
  2. Earning wife won't contribute to household expenses

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    Hello All, This is my first time here. My wife and I just celebrated our first anniversary last week. We enjoy a fairly healthy marriage with no major issues so far. But one thing that has been a source of huge concern, pretty much only for me, is our financial situation. I can see it...
  3. My money, His money, trust issue = problem

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    My husband and I have always had separate bank accounts and we never really discussed any future investments etc. that we could start saving up in the future. Money is a big problem in our marriage. I don't trust him with money as he is just not wise with it. He doesn't seem to spend much...
  4. What's your money personality?

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    Many people believe financial planning comes down to making sure their net income exceeds their total expenses. This mentality often leads to the same outcome of most diet plans; failure. Where did they go wrong? Most forgot to account for their money personality. If you find yourself to be one...