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  1. Delaying Having a Kid, Help!

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hey everyone. I could really use some advise. I am soon to be 34 y/o man, married to a soon to be 33 y/o woman. We dated for 3 & 1/2 years, and have been married since April 2017. Everything was looking great until May 2017, when her brother died in a car crash on the way to work. Since then...
  2. Need some advise

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hi this is my first time on this site.... I need some help. I can no longer ask my friends for advice about this. A little background: My wife and I have been together for a little over 4 years and we have been married now for a little over a year. She has a son with an ex that has custody of...
  3. My husband just snapped

    General Relationship Discussion
    Recently ( this past weekend) my husband just seemed to snap. I will explain. We woke up saturday morning normal as can be he left the house to grab some coffee and breakfast everything seemed fine. When he came back home i was in the other room folding the laundry and heard him come in. Next...
  4. Having trouble dealing with my husbands fetishes

    Sex in Marriage
    Hi I am having so many problems in my marriage, I am trying to make it better. Some background I'm 23 H is 28. We've had a very rocky marriage Med problems during pregnancy caused me to go from 110 to 200lbs. Now at 150 yay, H has confessed to me that he's always been into BDSM, Fisting world...
  5. I cheated,please help

    Coping with Infidelity
    Well first i'll give some background im 23 H is 28. We've been married for 6 yrs and have 2 children 4 & 6mos. I cheated three years ago when H and I were not living together. I recently have told H about the ONS. Our life has been wrecked ever since. I guess i'll start from the begining, I used...
  6. Just cheated on

    Relationships and Addiction
    I'll try to be as brief as possible. I am 32, as is my wife. We have dated since we were 21 and married when we were 24. Our relationship has been both exhilarating and exhausting. We have a wonderful child. My wife has been physically abusive in the past (i.e. slaping, punching, throwing...
  7. Someone please tell me I am sane

    General Relationship Discussion
    This is so embarassing. I am a 33 year old NCO in the military. I have been in the USAF for 15.5 years and have spent at least 25% of that time away from my wife and kids. I have been married for 10 years and all in all have a great wife. She can be a life sucking you-know what sometimes but...
  8. I didn't cheat, but understandable she thinks I did.

    Coping with Infidelity
    Let me start off here with some back ground. When I married my wife, I really wasn't ready for it, but thought it was the right thing to do. (I love our son, (not my blood) but he is my son and I wanted to be a provider for them.) It has now been roughly 3 years that I have been for lack of a...
  9. When is it time to say enough is a enough?

    General Relationship Discussion
    Ok. So i have another blog up here.. But i've been dealing with a silent withdrawn male for the past month. He's not interested in anything. His basic reply to me every day is *kiss on lips "i'll see you when i get home". The when he gets home is a kiss on the lips and a walk out the door. I...