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low sex drive

  1. Sexless Marriage - Newlyweds

    Sex in Marriage
    Hi All, I'm in a big dilemma. Im 29 years old, married for exactly one year now. I met my husband in my apartment complex, he was my neighbour. We dated for 3 years before tying the knot in Jan 2014. We never had pre-marital sex, as I insisted on waiting till we get married. We did fool around...
  2. Obesity and LD in woman.

    Sex in Marriage
    I know there can be physical causes for lack of sexual desire. I, for one, was recently diagnosed with low t in my late forties and a once monthly shot has made a big difference in how much I desire sex. But the time spent together with my wife in bed has changed little. But I was wondering if...
  3. husband has gambling addiction, and low sex drive

    Relationships and Addiction
    Hello I'm new here. I have been married for 8 years. I've been with my husband since we were both 19, we have 2 kids together. When I met him he was still in love with his ex girlfriend, they were in a long distance relationship, she broke his heart but they still kept in contact. When we...
  4. HELP ME! husband has lost interest in me

    Sex in Marriage
    Hello - while I have only been married for a short time my husband has lost interest in me sexually. I am writing for your help because at this point I am just so in need of it - I don't know what else to do. My husband and I are very young - we have been dating for over 2 years, married for...
  5. Low sex drive wife not interested in orgasms

    Sex in Marriage
    This is my first time postiing and hoping to gain some insight into my wife, my marriage and my marital issues. I am very happily married man for over 15 years. Happy in every aspect of marriage except for sex. I was always the more sexually adventerous of the two and a higher sex drive but...
  6. Married and Sexually Frustrated

    Sex in Marriage
    Hello everyone! I'm a male and brand new to this forum. Just signed up 2 minutes ago. Thanks in advance for your help, feedback or if you can simply relate and cry in your beer with me. Searched the internet for a place to speak openly about my marriage concerns. My story is that I have been...
  7. PLEASE Help... Is My Hubby Gay? Low Sex Drive?

    General Relationship Discussion
    I am fairly new to the forum but have read many posts about similar situations such as mine. I do get some answers that are very helpful, but my mind is going CRAZY. I can't sleep at night and I cry all the time (please note I had all these thoughts and emotions prior to getting pregnant with...
  8. Foods that boost libido?

    Sex in Marriage
    I am clinging to a straw here, but are there are any foods I could prepare for my husband to increase his sex drive? He's overweight, so we know he needs to lose weight. At the moment he's got ZERO drive and seems like he can go on the rest of his life without sex. His high blood pressure means...