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love after marriage

  1. Need your advice: How do you know if you are still in love with your spouse

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hello, I need help please. Anyone would please share with me what do you feel when you love a person? How do you know when you're in love in a long term relationship? I've been married for 7 years now, have 1 kid with my husband and for the past few years i feel like my feeling for him changed...
  2. In love with someone else and it hurts

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    Dear friends, This is the second time I write in this forum. I wrote a post one year ago, seeking advise on my jealous/angry wife. This is my last post, for some context: Things have slightly improved, as my...
  3. Frustrated, confused and need to share

    General Relationship Discussion
    This is my first time visiting or posting in a forum like this. It's also the first time I've been able to share what's going on in my marriage, it's so hard to talk to friends or family about any of it. My husband and I have been together for 7 years, married for a little over 1 year. We're...
  4. What shall i do?

    Sex in Marriage
    After 4 years of marriage and having 2 boys, things have changed between me and my husband. He is busy all the time, always at work or out with friends. The last time we were together in bed was a months and 19 days now. I know that things change between couples after having children but i still...
  5. How to solve this messed up state of mind

    The Men's Clubhouse
    I am a 32 year old married man. Married for 3 years and now my wife is about to have baby. I am not very much happy in marriage, but this my wife does not know. I am a Junior teacher by profession and recently got a new job. I am hopelessly in love with a young student. If I had not been married...