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  1. Failing long distance marriage

    Going Through Divorce or Separation
    Hi guys, Hope you could help me with some advices, maybe I am crazy and no one told me that so far. Ok so my story with my husband is nice, we are both fairly young (24 now, a disadvantage, as I consider). We met over the internet 1 year and a half ago and everything seemed…fairytale. After 4...
  2. Is it time to get married?

    General Relationship Discussion
    I'll be 27 years old in a few weeks. I'm a male. I have been in a relationship with a very beautiful girl for 11 months now. She is 22 years old and an international student from Vietnam. I live in california and she lives in houston texas. We met through mutual friends in Las Vegas. Since...
  3. losing my wife can I ever get her back?

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hello to all. Here is our background. I have been with my wife since we were 15. We got married at 28 and we are now 35. We have no children. My wife asked me to move out so she can think of things but that we would be ok. Reluctantly I moved to my old room at my parents house (I have depression...