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  1. Considering Divorce or Separation
    Recap - so I discovered she'd been having an affair in May 2012. She "threw her toys out of the pram" and rather accused me for not listening. It is not true I do not listen BUT that she has a very strong fear of talking thru issues, and since we get married in Oct 2001, she checked out of the...
  2. Coping with Infidelity
    My H moved out of our bedroom 18 months ago. Then H began spending weekends with his sister (but found out not true) a year ago in March when H told me there is OW. When he moved out of our bedroom, H did not give any reason. When I suggested that he sleep in our bedroom again after two weeks...
  3. Going Through Divorce or Separation
    Hi All - I am so grateful for the support I have had from this forum -- thank you, all. As some will know, my H and I separated on April 8th when he moved out to "take some space" (married 5 years together 7, no kids). Since then, it has been a real rollercoaster. In an email a couple of...
1-3 of 4 Results