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  1. Stay-at-Home Dad's Plea for Advice: My Wife's Latest Emotional Affair

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    I’m not an expressive person (except on paper). I don’t talk enough. My wife of 10 years, Polly, tells me these things all the time. Well, here comes an outpouring of feelings. I’m going to share my view of the situation, along with how it kicks me right in the gut. For the past couple of...
  2. MIL & husband driving me to destruction

    The Family & Parenting Forums
    HI, I'm usually not that angry of a person, but my husband is a habitual liar and him and his family play games with me emotionally. Today he grabbed his phone real fast before I could use it. I thought he was looking at porn because I've found it on there before and he doesn't want to sleep...
  3. Non-Stop lies and I think I'm going crazy

    Relationships and Addiction
    I met my husband 5 years ago......granted we were young I was 21 and he was 22. Call it infatuation, love at first sight...etc we just clicked. Our relationship was one of the ones that people compare their "bad" relationship to. People would always tell us what we have is what they someday...
  4. Help! ! !

    Physical & Mental Health Issues
    I have been dating a guy for nearly 5 yrs now. We are about 15 years in age difference; we got together when i was having some family problems at home as we were best friends first. He lost a child, was very depressed, was addicted to drugs, lost both of his jobs however had another lined up...
  5. Need real life advise to help save my marriage

    General Relationship Discussion
    Coming from a man, this is one of the hardest things that I have ever had to admit to myself and to my wife. I have been married to my wife since April 2006. From 06-08 it was the best time that I have ever had in my life. I finally had the 1 person that I knew that I could spend the rest of my...