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  1. Newbie - Menopause & Increased Libido Issues

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    Hello I am here because I need advise about menopause and sex This is not a joke please do not respond telling me I am lucky I dont feel lucky I feel totally terrifed by my own body. I am 50 soon and up until a few months back me and hubby didnt bother with sex for 6 years neither of us...
  2. First thread, please help me out

    The Men's Clubhouse
    This has turned into a long post. Here's a nutshell version: I do everything that I can to take care of my wife and make things as easy as possible for her, but my sex drive is at 2% and falling. She is actually in bed right now crying because the sex isn't going well (we do have an...
  3. Second thoughts about marrying lower libido woman

    Sex in Marriage
    I could really use some help and advice here. I am a 44 year old long time divorced man. I have the most wonderful Fiance'. We have dated for a little over 2 years. I am a business owner and she is an engineer. She is quite a bit younger than I am at 27 but we get along very well. I have...
  4. Sexless Marriage Stories

    The Men's Clubhouse
    I am a new poster to this site and I see this in a lot of men's threads, and it's my worst nightmare to end up in a relationship where we don't have sex at least once a week. Since I am not and never have been married, I don't have to worry. However, I am curious about men's stories with this-...
  5. Sudden and (nearly) complete loss of libido

    Sex in Marriage
    I've been doing some research on this, because since Sunday, I have suddenly had no desire for sex, or sexual contact. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this happen. Some background into the happenings right before: We had great sex last Friday, and I wanted more on Saturday while the kids...
  6. Married for 19 months…and still no intercourse

    Sex in Marriage
    Yes, you read that correctly. 19 months. It’s not the way we imagined married life. But it’s the reality we’re facing. My wife and I were both virgins when we married back in July of 2012. And technically, I guess we’re still virgins. In the past 19 months there has been only one attempt to...
  7. Is anything wrong with oral sex?

    Sex in Marriage
    Am married but my libido is high,I told my wife about oral sex,let me lick her but she said no that if she consent she would be forced to do same to me that she doesn't like it,bit I like it even if she doesn't reciprocate back. Then is any thing wrong with oral sex?
  8. Supplements During Menopause

    The Ladies' Lounge
    Anyone have success with any of those supplements like Fem Meds or Amvien (sp?) that are supposed to help increase your hunger for sex during menopause? Did they work? Side effects?
  9. I feel that my boyfriend has lost his desire for me/ doesn't show it

    Sex in Marriage
    I'll preface this by saying my boyfriend is 30 years my senior. Regardless of the age gap, we fell in love and both found each other hot and sexy. My boyfriend would make comments about how I might become fat as I get older (judging by my mom's figure) even though I am in shape and relatively...
  10. Sex life is One sided.... Whats his Problem???

    Sex in Marriage
    Background info: Husband and I dated for several months without permarital sex (even though neiter of us were virgins) upon the request of HIM, got married over 3 months ago (Sex was amazing and every day), However for the past 2 months our sex life (in my opinion) Sucks... and I dont understand...
  11. Encouraging My Wife to Masturbate to Improve Our Sex Lives

    Sex in Marriage
    My wife and I have been married for just over five years and in a committed relationship together for nearly 10. Both of us are about 30 years old and we do not currently have any children (although we are planning to begin a family in the next 1-2 years). We also work full-time jobs (my wife is...
  12. Why do I have NO libido?!

    Sex in Marriage
    I love my husband very much and we have great sex. The problem is that I have very little desire to have sex. Once we do, and I'm aroused, it's amazing! I feel that sometimes there is a lack of affection on a daily basis and when when we are, it's when he wants to have sex so I pull away...
  13. How do I stop wanting sex all the time?

    Sex in Marriage
    I've been married 14 years and love my wife dearly as a friend and co-parent of our two kids and am attracted to her sexually like nobody else. Our sex life has never been great, though, since she's just not that into it, doesn't like talking about it, and doesn't really want to try anything...
  14. No man is an island..still true?

    General Relationship Discussion
    As I read the sex in marriage, divorce, and infidelity posts, I see a couple of recurring themes that I find interesting, and somewhat disturbing. (I was reading most recently the vibrator v porn thread in Sex, which prompted me to start this rather than rant on someone else's thread.) We come...
  15. Sex question - Does this make sense?

    The Men's Clubhouse
    Hi, I am really confused right now. Can you all help me understand this event from a man's perspective? We have sex about 1-2x a month for at least a year now, but I initiate it. He usually goes to sleep before me or just comes in real late after I'm asleep. He went out of town for a week...
  16. My Wife Has No Libido And Doesn't Feel There Is A Real Problem

    Sex in Marriage
    OK, so I know there are a LOT of threads everywhere on the Web about wives losing sex drive, etc....It seems common around 40, especially. My situation isn't terribly different, but it is in a way. To explain a little, my wife and I have been married for 20 years, 5 kids, with the youngest...
  17. Foods that boost libido?

    Sex in Marriage
    I am clinging to a straw here, but are there are any foods I could prepare for my husband to increase his sex drive? He's overweight, so we know he needs to lose weight. At the moment he's got ZERO drive and seems like he can go on the rest of his life without sex. His high blood pressure means...
  18. Wife no libido; have the keys but won't turn over!

    Sex in Marriage
    Ok, I'll give you the rundown. she's 25 Doesn't work self conscious (but has recently lost a lot of weight) but don't put too much emphasis on that as a problem. 2 kids Had tubal ligation She wants to, want to no medication she is a freak when she drinks (makes me think it's a...