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liar and cheat
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  1. Coping with Infidelity
    One month before our one year wedding anniversary a woman messaged me on social media. She told me she has loved my husband for 10 years and always will. I had only known him for 5 years at this time. Dated 2 years, engaged 2 years, now married 2 years. I never responded to her and immediately...
  2. Coping with Infidelity
    My husband and I have been married for about a year and a half now. I found out he was cheating about 6 Months ago and I decided to stay although sometimes I get second thoughts. My Husband and I met in high school and were dating for four years before we got married in April 2014. Our married...
  3. Coping with Infidelity
    I wonder what happened to my wife. I keep daydreaming she disappeared and replaced by a stranger. The woman I married would never behave like this. Anyone else think like this? Recommend me something to read?
1-3 of 3 Results