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  1. Getting over decade-old grief

    Sex in Marriage
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  2. My family is falling apart, please help.

    General Relationship Discussion
    I know this is really long, and I appreciate anyone who reads it to completion. I wish I had the time and money to talk to a professional. I am a 40 year old married father of two. My life is so broken I don’t know if it can be fixed. Let me tell you why: My wife, whom I love, refuses to...
  3. Why can't my house be cleaned?

    General Relationship Discussion
    Issue: CLEAN HOUSE??.:confused: Back ground: Together: 5 years Kids: 2 (10 and 8) Jobs: Me: Military, Wife: Stay at home home Typical Day Me: Up at 5am don't get home to 5pm (working) Typical Day Wife: Up at 6 am, gets the kids ready for school, takes them to school, goes to the gym, picks the...