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  1. Let's talk about career and motherhood and rant about my life

    The Ladies' Lounge
    Hello all. I would like to know your sincere opinions and experiences about the story I'm going to tell. I'm looking for answers, I read lots of texts that give a bleak view of the path I want to choose while the people I ask tell it isn't really this behemoth that the papers make it to be. Are...
  2. Job search

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    I need a job to leave my husband. I shared my story recently. I can't decide what part of me is using excuses to not take the leap and what part is legitimate reasons. I finally found a great job opportunity. I did a recorded phone interview and bombed it. I am confident that I'm talented at...
  3. Divorce over Employment

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    I apologize for this lengthy post. I have been married for over ten years and have three children. We have had many rough patches as to be expected, and I admit most of the issues are due to myself. That said, my wife has hated her job for some time, but she is the primary breadwinner and her...
  4. Wife wants to move

    General Relationship Discussion
    My wife and I have been married for 7 years now. When we got married, we lived in a bigger city that both of us liked. About 3 years ago I got a job offer in a rural community that would allow us to make more than double what we were currently earning while allowing her to either stay at home...
  5. Don't feel happy at work, please advise!

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    When our 3 year old son was born, both me and my DH lost our jobs and went trough a difficult period and financial problems, with lost of fights that put a toll on our relationship. After 1 year I managed to get a freelance job that was a blessing for us in order to pay our bills and keep our...
  6. My husband lied about getting fired. He actually quit

    General Relationship Discussion
    My husband and I were on vacation this past weekend and he kept responding to his work emails on Saturday night....which I had previously asked for no business calls or emails during our dinner. I guess his boss said something he found to be rude and they had had a couple of back and forth...
  7. Sacrificing Dreams for the Sake of your Marriage

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hey folks Need some opinions. I have a masters degree in a field where I can travel and work in many countries. My problem is I met my husband and got marriage to him before I got a chance to really have the adventure I wanted. Anyway I love him and want to make this marriage the best I can...
  8. Left wife temporarily for job

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hello there, my first post here. The situation: married for two years, full-time job (salaried engineer), part-time grad school (online). My wife and I lived upstate NY until this past January when I left for a very enticing job offer in Phoeniz, AZ. My wife was against it but did not protest...
  9. Any successful midlife career changers?

    General Relationship Discussion
    Are there any successful mid life career changers here? If so, please share the road you took to get where you are today. :smthumbup:
  10. Separation/looming divorce because of job and incompatibilities? Looking for advice.

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    Hoping to get some points of view from people on this one. Sorry for the novel, in advance!! LOL! I'm almost 29, I've been married for 2 1/2 years and with my husband for almost 4 1/2, no children, and live in Los Angeles. My husband is from here and I grew up in Virginia but have been here for...
  11. Overcoming the same problem

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hi, I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for over 7 years now. We have a deep love for each other, but a consistent issue. He is very very devoted to his job, which is a family owned business, requires very early hours and late afternoons, occasional weekends, and does not pay very...
  12. I need some serious advice/tips for my marriage!

    General Relationship Discussion
    I've got 2 children with my husband. I really want to be with him and raise our family together. I really don't feel like a wife, I feel like a slave and I'm tired of it. I have tried talking to him but he gets mad and starts saying I'm always on my computer or something just to get the...
  13. Husband doesn't want me to see his account

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    I am seeking advice on an argument my husband and I had this afternoon. A little bit of background might be helpful: We have been together for almost 8 years, married almost 3 of them. Initially, when we began dating, he had obvious troubles keeping his bank accounts positive. Not because he...
  14. Nothing is right

    Relationships and Addiction
    My husband & I just moved into a small apartment in his mothers house. We have 4 children, whom stay up till about 3am everynight. My husband and I do not sleep together, we hardly ever have sex. he doesn't have a job and sits around on the couch most of the day watching his never ending tv...
  15. Long-distance parenting

    The Family & Parenting Forums
    Hello all. I will try to keep this short and concise. My ex-wife and I are recently divorced. We have a 4-year old son. She recently was offered a lateral move within her company for more pay in the Bay Area, California (I am in Oregon, in the Portland area). Now, for reasons which my ex-wife...
  16. Can't leave I love her to much

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    Be gentle this is my first post. Where to start … My girlfriend and I have been together for nearly 15 yrs. Of these only the last few have been bad. In the last 3yrs there has been infidelity and physical abuse, who did what to whom does not matter because we moved on. The problem is the...
  17. Wife Desperate to find answer to our debt problems

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    I am here because I don't know where else to turn. I will go over our story as brief but clearly as I can. My husband and I are about $30,000 in debt, give or take. (Plus the mortgage, of course.) I am a mother to four going on five children. (I didn't plan on having another, I tried hard...
  18. Husband Sleeping on Coach

    Physical & Mental Health Issues
    Please i need honest answers. I cannot say I have been the perfect wife. I have my flaws and I am truly willing to work on them but I just don’t know how I should change everything about me when he is changing nothing about him. We have been married six years now and have had one daughter...
  19. Rediscovering Intimacy

    The Men's Clubhouse
    This is my first post here and I am hoping I'll get some useful advice from other members of this site. First some background: My wife and I have been married over 30 years (we met in college). Our grown son is off on his own. We're in a good place financially, so there are no significant...