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  1. Incompatible Marriage...will it survive?

    General Relationship Discussion
    When two people are obviously incompatible, yet married, how do you make it work? We did go into the marriage knowing we were different in many areas. We have some great key areas that we are alike and mesh well, but the bulk of our personalities are completely opposite. I know I went in...
  2. Sexually Incompatible..what to do?

    General Relationship Discussion
    So my husband had a porn addiction for years so his level of fantasy is beyond words. Since I have known him he likes to have very perverted sex. Calling me names, treating me like the girls in the porn, making me explain in detail my sexual experiences with other men, and making me dress in...
  3. Young and Married and Complicated Relationship..

    Sex in Marriage
    Hi, I've been with my husband for 4 years, we've been living together for 3, and married for 9 months. We're very opposite in many ways and have often clashed, but have stayed together throughout because we are so in love and never wanted to give up what we did have. The way that we have...
  4. Sexually Incompatible with my husband of 20 years

    Sex in Marriage
    I have been married 20 years after dating for 1.5 years. When we dated our sex life and all the accompanying playfulness was perfect and exactly what I wanted. Once we were married, it stopped. I have discussed many times with my husband that I am lonely and I know he loves me, but I need -...
  5. Painful Sex, bad fit. Are we just incompatible?

    Sex in Marriage
    Ive been married for a few years and am still finding sex physically painful. I really enjoy oral sex and being touched, but when it comes to sex I get this pinching feeling up high near my cervix especially when he thrusts deeply. Talked to my gyno about this and she said it might be due to...