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  1. TAM causing problems in my marriage

    General Relationship Discussion
    My wife found TAM a while back when we were having problems. She did a lot of reading, and got some good advice, and it helped quite a bit. The problem is, spending time on TAM now seems to have taken on a life of its own, and now it is causing more harm than good. She spends far too much...
  2. Living Without

    Sex in Marriage
    Well do I start I guess I can start by saying I have been married for three years. I’m currently 24 serving in the United States Army. I had a wonderful sex life before I was married including with my current wife. Everything seemed so perfect when we first met and how things worked out. I never...
  3. No Affection

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hey, I have read a lot on here and it's helpped a lot but there is something I have to ask and I need real opinions and advice. I have zero friends as does my wife and we never go out or do anything. First off I must mention that I have addressed our issues multiple times and she knows...
  4. My fiancee doesn't love me anymore

    General Relationship Discussion
    So I was in a bad marriage. I dealt with verbal and physical abuse from my spouse. Eventually, I cheated on her and we split up after I refused to reconcile. I didn't want to continue in a marriage that pushed me to attempt suicide on two separate occasions. She didn't know about my attempts. I...