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  1. Should I fight for physical custody and the house?

    Going Through Divorce or Separation
    Wanted to share my situation because I'm at a crossroads. About 9 months ago, my wife and I had a terrible fight. Not physical, but close. She threatened to "*&^ing kill me" at one point. Aside from that and a few other fights throughout our 9 years of marriage and 12 yrs together, I thought we...
  2. picking up after husband

    The Ladies' Lounge
    Hey Ladies (and men) of TAM. My husband and I are newlyweds, married 2 years in February. And with a cross-continental move one year ago, I'm feeling like we're still trying to figure out how to live together. My question is basically, "how do you fulfill your husband's desire for a maid...
  3. Buy my House ...Again!

    Life After Divorce
    The first time I bought my house I didnt have the full input into the situation. I was being calm and collected (?) as my ex dismantled my family and she pretty much forced me to buy the house. I bought it because I really like this house. Its quirky Post and beam modern with wrap around...
  4. Maintaning the Home with the Husband

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hello, I am new to this forum and site, so please bear with me. Having lived with my Italian husband before getting married, I knew of his high threshhold for mess in the house. It is getting to a point now, where our arguments over household chores are overwhelming our relationship. I'm...
  5. where do i go from here?

    Going Through Divorce or Separation
    Hi, really hope you can give me some advice. Ill just give you the basics and take it from there,my wife has been having an affair for the last 6 months with a so called mate.... we have been married for just over 2 years and have been together for 8 years. we bought a house roughly 12 months...
  6. wife just told me she wants separation. is there hope?

    Considering Divorce or Separation
    Help! My wife of 9 years just told me three days ago she wants a separation. We have 2 happy lovely girls, ages 3.5 and almost 6. We bought a house almost 3 years ago. we were good friends for a couple of years before we started dating, and dated, and lived together for a good 2 years before...
  7. Money/House/Divorce? Oh my!!!

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    :confused::confused:I posted in General Discussion my deal, so I won't rehash here...or bring up financial stuff there to keep it simple. But I need help! My H and I married 7/08, he sold his house which was paid for by his parents and they let him keep the money. We took the money from his...