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  1. Hi new in this site needing advice.

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    My name is Maria del mar I'm 60 years old, married whit my husband for 32 years. Well 2 weeks ago he ask me that he wanted me to start sleeping whit other men he said he wanted to be a cuckold that would be so hot for him. I didn't know how to respond to him for this crazy idea of his... so I...
  2. Cuckold/Hotwife understanding **maybe TMI

    The Ladies' Lounge
    I have been a long time reader and poster to the talkaboutmarriage boards. I have decided to go anon for this one, and i think you will see why. I have been married for 12 years now. After two years of marriage, DH and I were having pillow talk after sex, and we started sharing fantasies...
  3. Panic Attacks while trying to be a Hotwife

    Sex in Marriage
    Hello, This is my first post on any type of internet advise forum, but I liked the genuine answers so I thought I'd give it a try. Please no judgement, I'm in a tough place mentally and emotionally already. Thank you! First some back ground: My beau and I have been together nearly 3 years-...
  4. Wife sharing got wrong - need advice

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  5. Trouble with my husband's sexual desires (hotwife complex)

    Sex in Marriage
    My husband and I have been married for 3 years but have been together since we were 13. We've grown up together and and shared every experience of adolescent and adult life together. Within the last year, it has come to my attention that my husband has a 'hotwife' interest. He told me it...