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  1. Life as a wife, or life fulfilled?

    The Ladies' Lounge
    I am seeking feedback from others who have experienced similar... First of all, I love my husband, we have similar interests, I really enjoy being with him, he is extremely kind, loving, supportive etc. The only problem is every time I want to do something for me (not us) he does something to...
  2. What's the Priority?

    General Relationship Discussion
    Me and my husband got married three years ago. And sadly were still living with my in-laws because they can't afford to live by themselves. And I understand the situation. Basically, money-wise, we can't start a family right away. :( He works very hard and we're planning now...buying our first...
  3. On staying busy, and creating a new life!

    Life After Divorce
    Okay, so I have been divorced for about 4 months now. I will be honest, if I did not stay busy during my separation last April until now, I don't know how I would have handled all of the stress, depression, and adaptation that was required as I went through that tumultuous time. I want this to...
  4. my husband is jealous of my time without him

    General Relationship Discussion
    Thanks for all your replies on this. It has helped me a lot.