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  1. Sex in Marriage
    So I'm the HD wife, but I have responsive desire DH is completely 100% responsive. During perimenopause, I had my Awakening, and I could not be denied. I went through many years of gatekeeping, ED, Low T, and climax difficulties for me. I was able to push through those things, find solutions...
  2. Long Term Success in Marriage
    I really upset my wife last night in a way that has hit a new low for our relationship. I scheduled to meet with a psychologist this week to get my life back together. I have trouble putting my feelings to spoken words. Perhaps I have too many clouded thoughts in my head and I need to clear them...
  3. Sex in Marriage
    I am new here, but have an coping strategy that has bothered me for a while. My wife and I had a great sexual relationship early on in marriage 5-7 times a week. Then it went down to 2-3 and now it is 1 time a week for her. I never changed though. In order to cope I started going to strip...
1-3 of 3 Results