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  1. what is a soulmate? myth or reality?

    General Relationship Discussion
    many of us go through looking for "the One" the second pea to your pod....the ever elusive soul mate. but what is a soulmate? is there such a thing? or is it an illusion that stops us from enjoying what we have and who we have. No one is perfect, so when life gives you lemons AKA someone who is...
  2. 11 Things The Happiest and Most Successful Couples Avoid

    Long Term Success in Marriage
    Wanted to share this article with you based on our experience with couples. Enjoy the read: 11 Things The Happiest and Most Successful Couples Avoid | The Marriage Restoration Project - Marriage & Therapy Programs, Family & Marriage Counseling
  3. Understanding why

    The Family & Parenting Forums
    Hi everybody We all want happy relationships but judging from the problems I see here we could all benefit from understanding what basically is happening and that is we are different under the masks we wear and it gets found out, disappointment ensues and we all then face unhappiness. But...